For the past few years, Berlin-based Irish duo, Long Island Sound, have released music at a noticeably slow pace, as their sound went through something of a mutation. From melodic deep house to the real deep house — house that's 'deep', not the en vogue 'deep house' of recent times. They are strongly and surely striking with a captivating house EP on Bobby Analog’s fresh imprint, Body Fusion.

The EP brings together three crisp house cuts that work for both peak-time clubbing, as well as home listening, including a remix from label boss Bobby, himself. Each track is an experience unto its own, each seamlessly  sliding from one mood to the other, and back again, with dirty drums, groovy basslines, swirling pads and arpeggiators defining the EP. This is the sound that is slowly reconquering fans who like their house happy, groovy and bouncy.

Opening track, 'Minus One', is a straight-shooting, hefty club track, that sticks to a safe formula of how to rumble the floor of a room with a funky sub bass, while keeping it dreamy with the incorporation of wide pads and a swung arpeggiator. The track carries the vintage-leaning British house sound, but with a modern twist to the sound design.

The same goes for the second track, 'Digital Breeze', though it's more on the cheerful side than the first. As if you’re cruising around a under a pink Californian sky in GTA. The bassline is funky and the use of the synths gives it warmth.

B2 on the EP, ‘We Got Fired For This’, somehow sits in the middle of the two tracks in terms of intensity. However, it easily works as a peak-time banger, thanks to the crafty distorted drum work which works perfectly with the acid bassline.

Bobby Analog’s take on Long Island Sound’s “Minus One” only carries one similarity with the original, which is the subtle sampled bits of the arpeggiator, all other elements are different. The remix is a sunrise/sunset sure win that would totally complement natural scenery.

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