With an experience in the industry that dates to the late ‘90s, Fransesca Lombardo accurately carved her way into the scene with a refined sound that got iconic record labels like Crosstown Rebels and Mobilee hooked. The Italian-born, England-based artist is known to push her creative boundaries through her live show, combining both the spaciness of electronic sounds and warmth of classical instruments, which she put together based on her classical music background.

Her latest release "Spondylus" on Anja Schneider’s imprint Sous Music is for anyone seeking evidence that Lombardo has the skills and know-how to craft a sonic journey eliciting a meditative state of mind, while still qualifying as a club “banger”. It’s more of a personal project between Schneider and Lombardo, as the latter is the first artist to sign to Sous Music after Anja herself - which explains why the track boasts both the essence and energy to engage the crowd in a physical and mind altering trip.

“Francesca is so diverse and talented and always manages to capture this special vibe. ‘Spondylus’ has this timeless energy to it that caught my attention from the first listen. I will be playing it for a long time to come."  - Anja Schneider

The nine and a half minute journey kicks off with a captivating groove topped by tiny adroit synth work of ambient pads and subtle bleeps, slowly painting a picture that evolves hand in hand with the escalation of a sidechained gritty synth sound that leads to the breakdown. An arpeggiated melody is introduced, backed by a filtered pad drone that increases the tension before the kick and bass drop once again to tear the floor up.  

The EP’s B-side is a remix from the label boss herself who appreciates Lombardo as a producer and takes her track towards a more energetic, peak hour tool approach. A fast solid punchy groove, topped by house inspired stabs that emphasize a feel good mood.

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