Algerian born and bred DJ/producer Selim Bouziri aka Wave Particle Singularity continues to extend his string of releases on European underground labels with a brand new EP entitled Emotional Intelligence. Dropped on March 12th, Selim’s two tracks receive their release on Austrian label Soundterasse. The imprint has been devoted only to vinyl since its inception in 2011 but Selim’s EP marks just its second digital release since the launch of its digital counterpart. 

This is Bouziri’s first signed production since November when his track “Virtue” was featured on Silencio’s Uno compilation album. Emotional Intelligence’s title track carries on in the same vein as the aforementioned production, utilizing many of the same elements but ridding itself of the dark, consistent aura that came with it. “Emotional Intelligence” utilizes more broken beats to set the intro as airy, fluctuating lo-fi chords cement the tracks exquisite yet immensely subtle joyfulness. This marriage of broken beats and ethereal chords will have you innately moving as it invisibly transforms into an irresistible 4/4 beat.

The second track “Acuity” is a more defined four to the floor tool that bears the silhouette of Romanian-inspired minimal cut, yet still maintaining all the bells and whistles of Wave’s now-cemented lo-fi touch. This combination lends an emotional element to the piece that is otherwise unattainable when conforming to a purist minimal discipline. This EP will definitely be highly regarded in the future as Wave’s catalog continues to grow and his popularity begins to surge, which it quite definitely will. 

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