Dubai-Based R&B/neo-soul artist ‘michele.’ has released an emotive, cathartic EP which embodies the emotional ups and downs of a relationship. The four-song EP produced by AY, was released gradually through the month of March, taking listeners on an introspective journey with the Lebanese born artist. Our Story takes inspiration from American R&B giants H.E.R, Sabrina Claudio and James Vickeroy, and often combines real life events with abstract concepts to make up the intricacies of her musical storytelling. 

The artist released her first single, ‘Selfish’ in February of this year, exuding blind passion and sensuality whilst detailing moments of confusion with an ever sultry flow. Our Story is divided into four singles (which michele. names “chapters”) taking us all the way back to the raw electricity associated with the honeymoon phase of romance – described as a natural high – all the way to the glorious moment of reaching closure once the relationship has ended and the excitement of looking forward to what’s to come. 

The first track ‘Fire’ stays true to its name – in its description of intense, focused and elevated feelings of attraction. The first music video, just like the other three, feature clips from an anime – and are coloured red. In between the anime shots of a couple getting intimate, the video features shots of the artist getting ready, with a layered, emotive melody which stands alone throughout except for the choruses where the groove is reintroduced. The track ties in together in an almost all-encompassing manner giving us all the feels.

Touching on the points after the initial high, where relationships start to settle, and the moment when logic rises to the forefront is “Fair/Unfair” and “Lost Time” which depict the mixed feelings of being romantically confused, itching to escape but ultimately still feeling tied down. The two songs see the anime characters and the artists experience feelings of introspection and sadness – mirroring this in the quick tempo and melody of “lost time” which is reminiscent of a clock ticking. In that moment, the artist questions the lost time, echoed by a sense of urgency in the track to move on, which is reiterated cleverly in the music, and gradual build-up of the tempo. 

The final track, ‘End Game’, sees the artist reach a moment of acceptance, contrasting with the uncertainty prevalent in the previous two tracks. The visuals feature cars crashing and cups breaking which carry notions of finiteness. The beat reflects this assuredness in its power, pungent bass and up-tempo, along with the high-pitched melody on the keys projecting a hint of hope.

Our Story serves as a refreshing, thoughtful take on the little thoughts, revelations and confusions that are synonymous with modern-day relationships in a concise way which manages to still preserve the details and the complexities that come along with this all-too-common experience of falling in love, only to fall out of it again. 

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