Following the release of the first half of Nesta's latest project earlier in the year, the Lebanon-based artist has finally released the second part of Eclectic Electric this October. Seamlessly experimenting and blending different sounds and genres, the second part of the LP, Daylight, can be considered the counterpart to its precursor, because while Nightfall came with a dark melancholic mood, Daylight, as the name suggests, carries a light, morning vibe, thanks to his use of jazz elements.

Released on his own label, Fantôme de Nuit Records & Beroe, the eight-track Daylight takes listeners on a 55-minute journey that's easy like Sunday morning, but still gets you grooving with its fusion of house and jazz.

The introduction to this musical experience is the electronic, downtempo track 'Heaven Meets Paradise' and the track's name speaks for itself.. Calming drums meet the soft sound of rain sticks while a deep, dreamy instrumental track builds up which gentle electronic sounds that make you want to daydream while listening to rain in summer. 

The second track of this album rather harshly wakes you up from your daydream with a subtle switch of genres. In 'Horace’s Groove', the überhaus/the Gärten resident organically mixes beatdown house with lounging jazz vibes. Starting off with simple bass drums that quickly lure you in with their slow, hypnotic beats, the genre-bending producer adds some looping vocals until some jazzy piano tunes kick-in, making you feel like you are in an old-fashioned café in Paris on the one hand, and grooving in a Beirut club on the other.

Sticking to similar jazz elements, 'Jamal’s Jazz' comes with a much darker, heavier and slowed-down groove. Rhythmic, almost hypnotic, drums carry a deep and dark jungle sound, while bright piano tinkles add a catchy vibe. Think of it as music made for lighting a cigarette while pretending you are in a 1940’s black and white Frank Sinatra's movie. 

Following his rule that "there are no rules in electronic music," the producer reverts to deep house sounds in 'Lady J'. Even though the beautiful melodies, cosmic chords and drums make 'Lady J' a good basic deep house track, the ongoing change of style comes as a bit jarring as a listener - especially if you've slipped into the mood for a little more jazz.

Teaming up with Lebanese singer/songwriter, guitarist and bassist, Alko B, the album rolls on with 'Piece of Mind'; a funky, soulful piece of art in itself. Finally introducing groovy trumpets, again along with a melodic bass and Alko B.’s soulful vocals, the song adds another jazz note to the album and feels like a modern version of the Midnight in Paris soundtrack. 

'Dance With Me' acts as further proof that the DJ, who has been busy playing gigs in Lebanon as well as in Ibiza and Cyprus over the last few months, never fails to surprise with his eclectic taste in music. This time, he effortlessly adds an ode to house music to the LP, with a strong house track with funky saxophone and bouncy, cheerful vibes that make you want to claim the dancefloor all night long. 

Keeping things danceable, 'Lullabies' comes with rubbery bass and glowing chords that create a dreamy, yet energetic, deep house sound. Last but not least, the jazzy house LP finishes with 'Hold Me'; a disco re-rub with soulful vocals and uplifting melodies that catty you us through the whole track.

“Life is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you’re gonna get” might be a fitting quote to describe not only the listening experience of Eclectic Electric Daylight, but also Nabih Esta's whole approach to music. The combination of electronic music and jazz elements is a nice contrast to the first part of the album, even if the transitions might be a little jarring for some. However, he has again proved that you don’t have to hold on to one specific approach to create a whole, but can mix things up while maintaining a consistency and a concept. 

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