Rising DJ/producer Hania has kept a low profile following her debut release ‘Horeya’ on Egypt-based label, Rakete’s ‘cairo quest’ VA album. The young artist is known for her aggressive sonic direction, finding solace in harsh tunes and pacey percussives. Her latest outing sees her pushing supersonic limits with a two-track EP ‘Dedicated To Breathe’, kicking things up three notches relative to her previous release.

While ‘Horeya’ was a your average aggressive techno track, ‘Dedicated To Breathe’ boasts a more hardcore/gabber-y approach. Hania kicks off this thunderstorm with ‘Power Of Charm’, an in your face piece of work that sets up Hania’s new sound. She utilizes a much faster BPM than her previous work, and keeps the sound spectrum full with an obliterating sea of synthesizers that’ll keep your head bopping throughout.

The sirens add a counter-melodic effect, a smarter approach than using another synth sound. Mid-way through, Hania adds an intense jungle break with vocal chops before the introduction of a gabber section, apparent in heavily-distorted kicks. The track goes back to its roots again as the elements fade out by the piece as it comes to an end.

For the second outing, Hania keeps the focus on the bounce rather than the aggression. That doesn’t mean the track isn’t hitting, Hania’s sonic aesthetic is purely manic, but  ‘Hot & Speedy’ emulates one of these tracks you’d shuffle your body side-to-side to in the club. The track makes the use of static-like kicks and snares, with a hardcore-signature lead that gives off that sense of familiarity to the genre.

Hania’s tracks are produced out of love and passion for such sonic textures, which has become a staple to her sonic identity within the scene. This is just Hania warming-up, so expect the unexpected in the upcoming times.