Beirut-based platform Hafla Records – who dig up rare records from around the globe – have just released the first episode in a series that compiles music from Africa and the Arab world on vinyl. 

‘The Afro Arabian Mixtapes 001’ features music from a range of different times and places, kicking off a series that intends to cover a range of genres  and artists, giving listeners a taste of some of the most impressive hidden treasures to come out of the region dating back to the 1970s. 

This episode - lead by the one and only Wass - features Tunisian producer and percussionist Nuri, Berlin-based Habibi Funk, German Techno Giant Mark Ernestus’ musical group Mark Ernestus Ndagga Rhythm Force and Nubian singer Ali Hassan Kuban. The track-list also showcases Ghanian guitarist Ebo Taylor and Kondi Band, a collaboration between Sierra Leonean Sorie Kondi and Sierra Leonean US-based producer DJ Chief Boima. 

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