A cotton candy sky, pink-tinted buildings and the reflection of the setting sun in the water: a magical setting for Jordanian musician, Aziz Maraka, to perform an acoustic version of his song 'Heyye' for Beirut Jam Sessions. During the video, the creator of ‘Razz’ – his own take on rock-jazz fusion – peacefully chaperones us through the marina of Batroun while he strums a Ukulele and delivers a raw, emotional performance.

The singer and composer was born in Tunisia to a Palestinian father and a Lebanese mother which is why he considers himself as a citizen of the Arab world - home is wherever his passion for music takes him. The composer went to music school in Amman and in the US and has been playing the piano and singing for almost his whole life. His musical journey has taken him from across the whole Middle East, where he is celebrated for hits like 'Bent Gaweyeh', 'Hiyeh' or 'Meen Galek'. In 2010 he even founded Bands Across Borders which is now the biggest music and comedy platform in Amman. 

Beirut Jam Sessions was founded in 2012 and aims to promote concerts in Lebanon as well as the whole Middle East by arranging shows and events in the area. In their recorded Jam Sessions, they take the opportunity to have local as well as international artists performing in a raw, unplugged setting - and no one fits that better than Maraka.

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