The scenic and mountainous village of Rayfoun, which lies 28KM north of Beirut, is all set up and ready to host Lebanon's latest one day, end of summer festival happening this Saturday on September 7th at Place Fouad Chehab. Announced via a series of tripped videos, the eclectic and local line up includes a diverse selection of artists, musicians and bands who represent Lebanon's progressive and flourishing art scene.
Taking place on a vast piece of greenery, Soundsgood will showcase local musical talents presented in immersive and experiential art experiences with an aim to support and unite the Lebanese scene under the roof of one festival.

The Lebanese rock and indie scene will see quite the prevalence in Soundsgood - from the ethereal dream indie pop of Postcards and Wondergaap, to the math rock of KŌZŌ and the experimental post rock of Kinematik who will witness an exciting collaboration with word ninja AlDarwish.

On the electronic and experimental side of things, the Soundsgood lineup will be hosting some of Lebanon's biggest DJs and live acts -  from music scene veteran, Tunefork Studios founder and multi genre producer Fadi Tabbal, to Maya Aghniadis' nu ethnic electro world project Flugen, to Boiler Room Beirut headliners DJ Liliane Chlela and RadioKVM, to techno DJ Renata who sees her work as a platform to address socio-political issues and DJ Ziad Moukarzel who will collaborate with Sary Moussa AKA RadioKVM in a major double electronic feature.

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