It’s no secret that Middle Eastern influences have been taking over the international electronic music scene in recent times. So it’s no surprise that Telekom Electronic Beats – a hub that provides electronic music enthusiasts with insights into the latest trends – took the opportunity to team up with Germany’s DJ Sedef Adasi to take a closer look at her go-to tracks.

The resident of Munich's Blitz Club is not only viewed as a rising talent of the German dance music scene, but is also a must-listen-to for everyone who enjoys some good techno with deep cuts originating from Turkish and Middle Eastern music. She even has her own regular party called 'HAMAM Nights' that is dedicated to the sound she loves and was recently honoured with hosting one edition at legendary Berlin club, Berghain. Proving that old is gold, Adasi’s selections offer unique insight not only into her increasingly popular style, but also into what is turning into a genre of its own. Here are some of our favourites.

1. Selda Bağcan feat. Boom Pan - Yuh Yuh

2. Ziad Rahbani - Mais El Rim (1978)

3. Ihsan Al Munzer - Shish Kebab (1980)

4. Sahara Band - Habibi (1983)

5. Shahara Ja - I'm An Arabian Knight (1989)

6. Johnny Rock - Radio Morocco (2018)

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