Here at SceneNoise headquarters, we firmly believe in music that can challenge crowd at a party and still maintain a fun music experience — and when we say that, we’re talking outside of the run-of-the-mill four-to the-floor scope. That’s why we're collaborating with none other than Cairo-Detroit label and collective, Hizz, who have maintained a consistent stream of original releases since their emergence in 2017.

The new monthly party series will feature carefully selected group of line-ups that showcase Hizz's sound in an accessible context that is meant to deliver a fresh musical experience without stretching the boundaries too much. Rather than focusing on specific genres, expect a non-comprimising, raw aesthetic shared by all the music played in their roster, whether we’re talking hip hop, mahraganat or dance music.

The first party of the series, Shake and Destroy 001, will take place at Unicorn Garden in Downtown Cairo, with an aim that’s clear from the name. Philadelphia-based DJ Haram will be headlining the night with a versatile set; one that encompasses everything from Middle Eastern inspired hip hop and dance music, to techno-inspired noise that will definitely be doing all kinds of haram things to the crowd.

Before her is longtime Detroit staple, Drummer B, who’s known for his high energy ghettotech space bounce smoothness, and will be bringing the heat from his upcoming release, Valley of the Kings, which was inspired by his last trip to Egypt. Opening proceedings is up-and-coming, Amman-based Palestinian beat-maker and DJ, Bashar Suleiman, marking his return to Cairo with that one.

Get familiar with the artists with our playlist below:-

We're doing our best to make this series as accessible as possible so you won't be breaking the bank for either the drinks or entry tickets, which will be available on the door. Hizz will also teleport their record store to the Unicorn Garden, selling a cool range of merchandise related to their artists.

We advise you to come early to that one to live the full experience. Doors open at 6PM.

For more info visit the event page.

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