Amongst all the promoters that have shaped the nightlife scene in Egypt, only a few have managed to host their night in other countries. Egyptian superhero DJ/producer/promoter Abou Samra is the one of them, taking his night “Roots” across the Mediterranean with the help of his Barcelona team. “Actually it wasn’t my decision alone and truth is, As I am just a partner of a small part of it, the real credit goes to the the team who is working their ass to pull this off.”

For those of you who were living under a rock, Roots is one of these nights curated by Abou Samra for Egyptian audiophiles, giving them the chance to put their rave gloves on and get lost in the grooves.

April 15th is the day when the tech-house capital, Barcelona, will witness the second edition of Roots. “Barcelona was always the root of everything, it was always meant to be the spot where I wanted to develop myself as an artist.” Besides the killer line-up, the 12 hour party will offer a two-room experience. “This night will be special with its vibe and people who are giving us this support. For this month the team has formed a very special 12 hour rave that hopefully will blow your mind!” said Abou Samra.

When it comes to music, the Roots Barcelona team know their shit, and they curated a line-up that will keep you dancing your ass off. “From my side also it is dedicated to all the artists that I want to be involved with in the next coming years.” Headlining the night will be the tech-house star Sidney Charles, whose works have graced bastions of house and techno such as 8bit, Truesoul and Hot Creations. Joining him behind the decks will be Yousef, and Egyptian Superstar DJ/producer, Abou Samra.

As the Blurr team keep spending efforts to expand, it seems that this is just the beginning. "We’ve got a lot planned for summer 2018, already plans for two big open air events in a very cool location that I can’t say right now. Dubai is in the talks. But as of now, all our focus is on Barcelona. Our team is working hard to deliver nothing but the best.”

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