“Nice design...need a darker one. I’ll take a container of these black chairs” are what you’ll generally hear Fayek say. After getting in charge of his family furniture business, the passionate DJ began to drift away from his beloved hobby. He’s now back, driven by the ambition to transmit cool music to good people. Fayek is an Egyptian DJ who played all the major events in the country, such as El Row, House Sessions and Sandbox to name a few. These days, you’ll occasionally hear him say: “Hi everyone this is Fayek, and you’re listening to Quarter Tone.”

Quarter tone is a monthly online radio show/podcast by Fayek, in which he will be inviting select locals along with international DJs. In a scene that Fayek calls trendy, his plans are to not restrict or limit the DJs to a certain sound. “Egypt is all about trends nowadays and everyone thinks he plays the good music. I think all music is good, as long as it has a soul.” His future plans even include starting a Quarter Tone Showcase with the artists involved.

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