Aiming to serve bedroom musicians and curating visuals spaces, Mafdet is a new audiovisual platform launched in Egypt through which musicians can showcase their music in a unique setting. The idea might sound familiar if you're a dance music fanatic and have gone across Cercle's videos, but what the platform does is give viewers the chance to almost experience a performance with the artist, setting a mood that goes hand in hand with the music. Their first project, 'Exotic Sets', takes Egyptian underground electronic musicians and have them perform in exotic and visually interesting spots around the country.

Their first video features established Cairo duo, The Meteor’s Project, who deliver a solid performance aboard a simple motor boat as it sails through the Nile in Aswan. The scenery in itself is astonishing, but what really hits the mark is that it goes so well with Gaser El Safty and Karim El Zanfally's dreamy set.

“Mafdet is a virtual venue that gives space for musicians to showcase their music, away from the nightlife scene," the brains behind Mafdet, Haitham Aziz, Mizo Gamal and Ahmed Nashaat, told SceneNoise. "Other than promoting these artists, our aim is also to highlight beautiful places around Egypt. Given that we shoot in such exotic places, we've met quite a few bumps on the road. But, this is what makes it challenging and exciting for us, especially that we do everything by ourselves.”

Check the video below.

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