Oud trio Le Trio Joubran is formed by three Palestinian brothers Samir, Wissam and Adnan Joubran. Without a shred of doubt, music runs thick in their blood; while their mother is a known muwashahat singer, their father made himself a name as one of the renowned stringed-instrument makers within the Arab world. 15 years ago, Samir, Wissam and Adnan came together as the first oud trio to ever exist. The three are internationally acknowledged for their

contemporary compositions steeped in Palestinian folk music, along with their virtuoso playing technique.

In December 2018, the release of their sixth studio album The Long March was announced. The first single to be published was "Carry The Earth" feat. Roger Waters, for which a music video was released as well. Now, "The Hanging Moon" has followed.

The hauntingly emotive video was directed by Lucien Beucher and Jean Lanteri, also known as Bleu Désert, who were also responsible for the shot of Carry The Earth. Filmed in the semi-desert Bardenas Reales region in Spain, the spotlight lies on breakdance/ballet dancer Reemcat. In the light of dusk and dawn, framed by the stark but stunning setting of the empty desert, he dances shirtless, his black hair shrouding his face, embodying at once torture and grace. Shards of mirror float in the air above him, capturing his solemn expression. Sand falls over him, and through his hands, like a wave of time. In the final moments of the video, the music recedes, and the sounds of Reemcat's excited breathing cut through.

The music is slow; every note plucked on the oud is a deliberate statement, backed by an ominous, deep swell. This is not a statement of the brothers' technical prowess on their instruments, but an elegant and solemn embrace of minimalism.

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