Acclaimed English singer, songwriter and actress Joss Stone has been rising to fame since 2003, with her multi-platinum debut album, The Soul Sessions, which was followed by many more highly successful releases. In 2014, Stone embarked on her Total World Tour project, in which she aims to play a show in every country on earth. Along the way, she has been collaborating with local musicians, featuring them in Youtube videos in which she sings on one of their songs. When possible, she aims to work in conjunction with different humanitarian and environmental causes. 
Stone recently performed in Cairo at the beautiful Nile view venue Mantis, crossing Egypt off of her list of world domination. While here, she met up with local Afro Egyptian group Hawidro, who aim to return to the sound of their Nubian heritage. Before launching into the song, backed by two guitars and two percussionists, Stone and Hawidro singer Ahmed Abayazeid start the video off by chatting about precarious pronunciations and the lyrics, which describe the love for a precious girl. Check out as their different musical styles soulfully converge. 

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