With a plethora of events popping up in Cairo every two seconds with more or less the same six lineups, we decided to move forward with a concept we’ve always wanted to implement. We’re looking to serve up some serious Fresh Meat in the Unicorn Garden Warehouse on Monday August 5th as we open our doors for young artists to showcase their work in what we’re hoping to turn into a monthly affair. In addition to aiming to highlight Cairo's raw and underground talents, we also hope to grab the attention of promoters to start taking more chances on these young turks.

Opening up the Unicorn Warehouse meat market on Monday will be the genre-bending, California-based Egyptian DJ and producer Cartoon Therapy who’ll deliver a one-time only live dance set featuring excerpts from his upcoming album on Detroit/Cairo based label HIZZ.

Next up will be the hard-hitting, Egyptian purebred Mo Guindy who’ll give us a taste of his trademark percussive, lo-fi house sound which landed him on labels like Berlin’s Too Rough 4 Radio. Taking it from there will be Hussein Marie who’ll showcase his unique multi-genre sets that shuffle between house, disco, electro and dub.

Closing it out will be our prime Japanese/American cut for the night - Connor Mikami, who’s set to deliver his own eclectic, deconstructed interpretations of house and techno, featuring vocals, jazz and percussive sampling. This will be Mikami’s Cairo debut as he’ll be coming to shake up the Unicorn Warehouse all the way from San Francisco and Berlin.

For a concept like this utilize its full potential we’ve decided make entrance FREE, Fresh Meat is a no reservation, couples and mixed grill, where violent behavior and vegan hooliganism will not be tolerated. Doors close at full capacity, so make sure you’re there early to get your share of our night's hot, sizzling t-bone steaks of pure talent. 

LOCATION: Unicorn Warehouse, 8th Floor of Jameel Building, access via GrEEK Campus on Mohamed Mahmoud St., Downtown Cairo

If you're a budding artist looking to get noticed by promoters out there, send us your work on: info@scenenoise.com | Subject: Fresh Meat