In case you've ever scoured Youtube for music, there is a very high, no pun intended, possibility you've stumbled across Canadian music project Homeshake and their tantalizing slacker rock limbo. With a stock of hits such as 'Moon Woman' and 'Give It To Me', Homeshake will be gracing the CJC610 stage on February 22nd for their debut performance in Egypt as part of the indie music event series 'Wall of Sound'. Led by Montreal-based singer-songwriter Peter Sagar, Homeshake has released 4 critically acclaimed LPs, with 2019's Helium being the latest, and have successfully crafted their very own unique sound. Seeing the internet's millions of views as proof of their catchy, infectious tunes, the Canadian outfit have continually and persistently solidified themselves as one of indie music's most banked-on acts.
Catch Homeshake as they swing their hypnotic grooves on February 22nd at CJC 610's 'Wall of Sound' alongside Cairo-based Producer J!N and Mmmalak. 
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