These days, Cairo is not generally privy to visits from bands around the Mediterranean that perform traditional music forms. While the popularity of Balkan music seems to be growing globally, and gaining devoted followings niche communities around the world, it seems the passionate and invigorating music hasn’t quite made its hold in Egypt yet. Not to say it couldn’t, or won’t.


Maurice K is a French band that plays a contemporary mélange of traditional music, supported by a Balkan base, embellished with columns of other traditions from around the varied and colored Mediterranean traditions, including Arab and Turkish. The band, generally made up of violin, guimbri, clarinet, flutes and davul, will join their bassoon player, Pierre Glorieux, who is currently based in Cairo, for a tour through Egypt’s heart. For this tour, they will be adorning their sound with a hint of Persian and Afghan essence, courtesy of Cairo’s multi-instrumentalist Eslam El Sha’ary, also bolstering their Arabic flavor with the oud of Yasmine El Baramawy.


Maurice K’s Cairo tour dates:


16 April : French Institut Mounira

17 April : Cairo Jazz Club

18 April : Darb 1718

19 April : Opera House - Open Theatre

21 April : Elbet Alwan Maadi  


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