Palestinian/Jordanian singer-songwriter, percussionist, acoustic solo rapper, and founder of Arab Folk Collective, El Far3i (a.k.a MC Far3 El Mdakhil), is set to make his livestream debut on December 12th with an intimate performance of both old classics and new unreleased material.

Titled El Far3i Real-Time, the broadcast is set to include behind the scenes footage of the making of the stream, new video clips from his upcoming rap/mahraganat song, ‘Hayarafo Meen’ (produced by acclaimed Egyptian music producer Molotof) an exlcusive stream of El Far3i’s acoustic album Nas Min Khashab, as well as a live Q&A with attendees.

Ticket prices range from $15, which will include a download of El Far3i’s upcoming trap album Lazim Tisa (due for release early 2021), a $30 three-ticket bundle, and a $250 ‘Producer’s Ticket’, which will list the attendees name in the official credits for the event, alongside a special thank you and social media shoutout. 

For more info head over to Arab Drumz’s Facebook and Instagram, or contact them directly at