When you hear the name Hassan Abou Alam, you directly link it to throbbing techno. But recently, he broadened his scope widely enough, and we can safely say that there’s a bit of Thom Yorke drums and percussion in his productions, even if he doesn’t realize it.

We’ve seen the sound of the Egyptian DJ and Producer evolve and mature over the years, until a point where it became extremely difficult to think of him as a bedroom producer fiddling with some Elektron samplers. The sound became so tight, and his name began to appear in big catalogues on imprints like Rapid Fire and Traum Schallplatten. It's about time he gets his first Berlin booking.

On February 2nd, Abou Alam is going to share the bill with important acts that push quality underground music forward. San Proper, Skudge, Awanto 3, Bradley Zero and more upcoming acts in Berlin’s Salon Zur Wilden Renate — a multi-floor club, born out of an unrenovated flat in the heart of Berlin’s go-to clubbing district, Friedrichshain.

"Hassan, apart from being an integral part of the Egyptian music scene since a young age, is an active producer and musician. He really stuck to his true style and pioneered techno in a scene that champions tech-house," says Karim, PR of Renate. 

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