The back seat of a car may elicit many images…well enough said really - we all know what the back seat of a car is about. 

Dirty Backseat is a fresh-on-the-scene garage rock trio from Cairo, Egypt, consisting of Noha Amin on vox, guitar, and keys, Moe Hani aka Psycho on vox, bass, guitar and keys, and Marwan Wahid on drums and backing vocals. The project first sprouted in 2013, when Noha and Psycho were dating. They jammed and wrote music together, though without concrete direction. As well, Psycho was playing in many other projects, and unable to spread his songwriting attention farther. Thus, the project took a backseat. 
That is until 2017, when Psycho directed his focus and reoriented Dirty Backseat as his main project. Here enters Marwan Wahid, and by now, Psycho and Noha are married. Though generally their approach is indie punk, "recently, especially when we started recording, we've been chasing noises and emotional melodies…it's a lot of good fun" says Psycho. Mainly drawing inspiration from Sonic Youth and The Strokes, they also get off on bands emulating a lo-fi vintage sound, like Deerhunter, Suuns, and Savages to name a few. In October, they released their energetic and catchy debut single, "Hypnotize Me." They are currently working on their upcoming EP. 

Dirty Backseat is super excited to be making their live debut at Cairo Jazz Club as part of their Alt Tuesdays, this week on the 20th. 

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Video and photos by SceneNoise