Following last year’s smashing releases “God Bless” and “Fuckin’ Widda Real,” Egyptian rapper, badass and CCG gang member Mr Kordy, kickstarts the year with a new single “Drop A Bomb”, made in collaboration with Kuwaiti comrade, Vanilla Gorilla.

Those of you who know Kordy should expect a heavy dose of gangster in the track and the music video - the name and the lyrics are the first things that reflect how dope he, Vanilla Gorilla and the CCG are. These are not people you want to get into trouble with - they got kicked out of Zamalek because their dog ate a tree, for gosh sakes! If you need more proof to this go check our documentary on Kordy and the CCG.

The video by Khalid Ibrahim that accompanies the single is basically a journey of Mr. Kordy and Vanilla Gorilla roaming around Cairo in a car and a row boat, reflecting the grungy life of a gangsta.

The music of the song is hip and goes hand in hand with the context, however we would have preferred it to be an original production, rather than a pre-made royalty free loop.

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