Alt Tuesday is CJC’s weekly night where one can go and tap into a challenging and unique side of Cairo music, in the form of live bands or electronic acts. 

On January 22nd, CJC are inviting two of Cairo’s more forward thinking locals to make their debut and take control of the stage for an intimate affair. Electronic producer Onsy, who’s also known for his album Freq225 on Schematic Records, will open the night with a live set mixing hypnotic ambient and IDM. Following him, HANA (DJ/producer Hassan Abou Alam and PanSTARRS member Nader Abo Zied) will play an improvised live set based on the randomness of Nader’s modular synthesizer beast, backed up by Hassan’s compact setup. Hassan Abou Alam and Nader Abozied are both talented and established artists in their own respect, so their collaboration is an exciting prospect. 

We filmed a jam session by HANA for you to get a taste of what to expect.

Check the event page here.

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