Ouzo El Mestekawy is best known for his sets during the glory days of Sharm’s Pacha Venue, which he owns. As of late, he has reinvented himself within a new Oriental deep house spectrum, regularly showcasing his emotive sets around the city, and often sharing the decks with prominent DJ, Sebzz.

His latest set "Tarabeen #005" explores the realm of slow Oriental house, taking you on a meditative trip across the vast desert. 

The 15 years younger incarnation of Ouzo is Joe, his little brother, whose alias is now Misticawy. His debut set under his fresh monicker is "Mystic 01." We can see the strong influence from his older brother, who share similar aesthetics and elements - a sound that roughly belongs to the style popularized by artists such as Rampue and Bedouin, and launched into popularity via festivals such as Burning Man. 

Containing tracks by the likes of Hrag Mikkel and Rappossa, Ouzo’s set is more emotionally intense. On the other hand, Misticawy’s lies more along the lines of the joyous and celebratory side of the sub genre and stresses the implementation of the clubby vibe. 

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