As of late, Cairo has begun to see a new real underground scene come to life, as demonstrated by the work of creative platform HIZZ Collective and Jelly Zone, for example. For many of these multi-media platforms popping up worldwide via the channels of our highly teched out and globalized world, there is a trans-continental collaboration aspect. 

ANBA is "a sonic platform exploring the fringes of sound and art within contemporary music" based in London, with roots in Egypt. The enigmatic entity is not holding back for their debut event, co-hosted by HIZZ Collective, hosting it across two different cities, London and Cairo, by means of live stream. The event's Facebook page claims that it is "an attempt to create a communal space/experience, as a physical reflection to the decentralized communication networks that have provided the space for collaboration free from geographical tethers."

The London side of the event will exercise a wide range of the senses, with audiovisual works, installations, and live/DJ performances. Donations from London will go towards funding HIZZ's artist residency in Cairo, as well as the establishment of ANBA 01 in Cairo. 

The Cairo party will take place at a non-disclosed location, and feature performances from quxndil, sound artist KZLK, digital media designer Islam Shabana, musician and producer Zuli, electronic duo 0N4B, made up of Onsy and Abadir, & DJ/visual artist A7ba-L-Jelly, who has been lighting up the Jelly Zone parties of late. 

Main image artwork by Mahynour Kandil.
To find out more about the event check the Facebook event, and for the Cairo location, email
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