Mahraganat star Alaa Fifty has been busy recently, releasing three songs on Youtube in the past week, with some absolute bangers such as "Al7efla Alkabeera." Most recently, Fifty has gotten into the holiday spirit, and we don't mean Eid; as World Cup fever eclipses the world, the frenzy in Egypt rises, seeing their team in the tournament for the first time in 28 years. Mohammed Salah has reached deity status, with the health of his shoulder pretty much directly connected to the health of the nation.
Two days ago, bearing the spirits of Egypt on their tongues, Alaa Fifty and Amr 7a7a rolled out this mahraganat war song, "Egypt in the World Cup." Though a host of Egypt's biggest artists have released a slew of (terrible) songs in support of the Egyptian national team, there is something a bit more fun about seeing mahraganat and football join hands - this actually gets our inner hooligans' to peel their battered bodies off of a beer-soaked floor, in heavy contrast to Jason Derulo and Tamer Hosny's "Colors", for example, which elicits a nice projectile vomit. 

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