Three years after their last album, Egyptian Arabic rock/jazz band Massar Egbari has at last launched their third album, El Album, this past Thursday. Following a viral social media campaign, in which their fans inundated them with #elalbumfein (where is the album), they decided to call it just that: El Album. It also plays on a factor that sets this album apart from their others, which is its diversity across the songs. Thus, the album isn't defined by one song, which they consider a big step from their last album, Tokaa We Tkoom. 

Massar Egbari has really gone all out with this album, deciding to shoot the entire album in video, with director Taimour Taimour and DOP Omar Aboudoma. Though in every video they are depicted on a stage, each one conveys a different story, illustrated by changes in costume and different scenes being projected onto the backdrop behind them. The costume design was done by local fashion designer, Amna Elshandaweely. 

They are beautifully shot visual representations of the song, poetic and not overdone; an album you can watch. Perhaps this will become a new trend? 

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