Red Bull Music has facilitated a collaboration between a few of the more out there Egyptian musical heroes: rapper Abyusif, electro chaabi keyboard slinger Islam Chipsy, and politically critical shaabi singer, Shaaban Abdel Rahim. The resulting track, 'Mish Ha2dar', is a heavy hitting trap-shaabi blend, complete with Abyusif's guttural voice, Islam Chipsy's frenetic and relentless keyboards, and some classic shaabi verses thrown in by Abdel Rahim. The video is impressive, depicting the trio in a hallucinatory, dystopic carnival, seemingly abandoned apart from them. Between kaleidoscopic shots of ferris wheels, Abyusif drifting a bumper car, drone footage of stunt driving, and Abdel Rahim with glowing gold necklaces, the video has you spinning. 
 If you aren't motion sick after viewing, make sure to check out the making of video as well.
Islam Chipsy and Abyusif will be performing at the Greek Campus on Friday, December 14th. Check here for more information. 
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