“When I close my eyes all I see is possibilities and scenarios,” Hamdan Al Abri sings on his new single “Everywhere ~ Nowhere,” and his accompanying introspective short film captures those exact sentiments. The short 3 minute film plays like a documentary, Abri is helping us get to know him, while still exuding an aura of mystery (he never once faces the camera). This is an interpersonal effort; Abri seems to be mostly talking to himself, yet we somehow feel included. The Dubai-based singer/songwriter is reflecting on his place in the world and he is giving us a glimpse of his private musings yet still keeps us at an arm’s length. 

Abri was the founding member and lead singer of ABRI, and released two critically acclaimed albums, Sunchild and Blank Notes, before going solo. Abri was featured by Rolling Stone and has opened for a number of notable artists, the likes of Erykah Badu, Ziggy Marley, Kanye West, Arrested Development, and Joss Stone among others and has toured in the UK, the UAE, the Maldives, Bahrain, and India. Abri’s music has been aired on the well-known American show, C.S.I. 

His new video succeeds in capturing the essence of the single. The lyrics showcase a curious Abri searching for his place in the world, while the video in turn shows a wandering Abri, wistfully gazing at his rugged surroundings. While the film is not exactly a music video for the single, it still serves as an apt accompaniment and is a creative effort from Abri. His soulful yet cool voice evokes the expressive lyrics of the song and is perfectly fitted to the atmosphere created by director Kamal Baldwin.

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