With the ever-present divide between commercial/upscale clubbing in Dubai and underground events continuing to widen, more and more club-goers are seeking more authentic rave experiences that stray far from glitz and glamour. Luckily event promoters Nobox have come to satisfy a long un-answered demand. Starting July 4th, they’ll launch a brand new monthly event series at a massive 50,000 sq.ft warehouse location with a capacity of up to 5000 people.

With the location still under wraps for the time being, co-founder and Dubai-based Egyptian DJ Loay Adel aka MadLou revealed that they're also teaming up with JK58 and Platinum list as their production and ticketing partners respectively. The venue is said to be sound treated and equipped to the highest standards as MadLou explained. “The sound system was designed for months by a team of the best sound engineers. Instead of the usual Funktion One's, we are going for L-Acoustics with coaxials, line arrays and 3D sound modeling, with acoustic treatment and enough sound power to split the moon in half! It’s a leap when it comes to the dance music scene here in the Middle East. We’re reconnecting with the old scale of rave structures and combining it with immersive technology taking us 10 steps ahead.”

On board with Madlou are industry specialists like Waseem Al Sayegh, Nicholas Arafa, and Sami Safadi who will be ensuring the experience at The Grid becomes and remains unrivaled in the UAE. The opening night on July 4th will be headlined by James Zabiela, Teenage Mutants, Sebastian Mullaert along with Dubai’s Deep Like resident DJ Josephine de Retour and Nobox co-founder Madlou himself.

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