Photo Credit: @l4artiste

The ‘Some of Us’ festival in Morocco, combining visual arts with music, is launching its first-ever iteration in Marrakech. The event is created by multidisciplinary artists striving to break the barriers between the audience and creators, creating new narratives and celebrating Moroccan talents.

In efforts to challenge the status of art in Morocco, which was viewed as a closed bubble reserved for very few and generally inaccessible, ‘Some of Us’ is dedicating its efforts to making art accessible to everyone. The aim is to put Morocco in the foreground with diasporic and local artists and re-appropriate their cultural and artistic identities.

The ‘Some of Us’ festival exists in the spirit of co-creation intending to create networks and support Moroccan talents while shaping the future of events in the country.

This first iteration brings Morocco's eclectic sounds, with the festival ready to immerse its guests in a one-of-kind experience. To do this, they've curated a unique line-up of  DJ sets, immersive exhibitions, live performances, and panels & workshops.

The festival will host a pillar of the Moroccan underground scene, Adam Dirk’heim, and the Rabaat-born DJ Glitter55, who established herself over the last three years as one of the rising figures of the North African electronic scene. DJ Glitter currently runs the ‘Atay Time’ show every last Tuesday of the month on Rinse France.

Additionally, Maro, a co-founder and resident of the music collective DISS-RUPT, is set to perform alongside the all-around self-taught creative 3xOJ. The line-up also features a myriad of impeccable talents such as; the phenomenal Liver J, Saad Tiouly, Rita Kamale, Fatima Zohra Serri, Jinane Ennasri, Misfit Virtual, Issam, and Saad Elbaraka.

From 4 pm till 4 am, ‘Some of Us’ will take over the marvellous ecolodge, Terra Janna in the palm grove in Marrakech for one memorable night creating a mesmerising world like no other. The festival will run from May 27th to May 28th. Tickets are available through the link in their bio.