In the midst of the ongoing Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip, Palestinian DJ and videographer Nour launched ‘Refugee Chronicles’, a project to document testimonials and stories from the last generation of survivors from the 1948 Nakba, in which 750,000 Palestinans were forcibly and violently displaced from their homes.

For the past three years, Nour has been visiting Palestinian refugee camps across the region and collecting testimonials from elders who lived through the catastrophe, believing that it is crucial to document and share the struggle and resilience of the last generation of Nakba survivors before they “fade away.

On January 22nd, Nour launched a fundraiser campaign for the project, aiming to raise USD 27,428 before February 20th. The money will go towards building the Refugee Chronicles Interactive Map Project. The website will be an archive folding 50-plus video conversations with Palestinian elders into a pre-1948 map of Palestine, dotted with villages and locations impacted by the Nakba.

“My vision is to create an interactive website featuring a comprehensive map of Palestine,” Nour tells SceneNoise. “The goal is to engage users in exploring various locations affected by the Nakba. By clicking on a village, city, or town, users can access video testimonials from survivors in that specific location.”

The project will also highlight the ongoing displacement of Palestinians in Gaza, which was described by Israeli officials as “Nakba 2023.”

To support the fundraiser, visit Refugee Chronicles Interactive Map Project. by Nour Alsholi on Kickstarter. And to learn more about the project and watch videos of the survivors, visit @refugeechronicles on Instagram.