While rappers in the region are racing to find the next big trend, blending rap with everything from afro-beats to jersey club, Marwan Pablo puts that aside on his latest track Lellyya, Produced by Mohaimen and Pablo, they double down on his signature futuristic trap sound, harkening back to the start of his career. The track was even released on Soundcloud only before reaching streaming services. The rapper took to instagram to call himself out, captioning the announcement with the line “like the old days. 🦋🦋🦋”.

The track is also titled ‘05. Lellyya’, implying more releases and a larger body of work in progress.

Pablo’s decision to release on Soundcloud first is definitely a nostalgic nod to his beginnings but could also potentially highlight frustration felt by artists spreading themselves thin, marketing across a multitude of competing streaming platforms.

Listen to the full track here: