Saudi music entertainment company MDLBEAST has launched MDLBEAST Publishing, a new division dedicated to supporting songwriters, producers, and artists across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

This move expands MDLBEAST's existing services, offering creators a range of support, including managing rights associated with music broadcasts and performances. They will also partner with creators to ensure they receive proper compensation through royalties.

A key collaboration with Sentric allows creators to register their work globally and collect royalties across various mediums like reproductions, performances, and broadcasts. MDLBEAST Publishing also boasts a sizable catalog of music, positioning them as one of the leaders in the Saudi market. This catalog is well-placed to meet the growing global demand for Arabic music, with placements already secured on platforms like Netflix and Spotify.

The launch of MDLBEAST Publishing aligns with the company's broader commitment to the MENA music scene. They have a history of supporting various genres, including electronic dance music, Arabic hip-hop, and pop music.

“With the recent launch of MDLBEAST FM Radio, our music brand partnerships team, and the recording studios at Beast House in Jax, we can now provide a comprehensive range of services to meet the commercial development needs of the creative community, artists, music producers, and songwriters” - Talal Albahiti, COO and Head of Music at MDLBEAST This new venture strengthens MDLBEAST's existing portfolio of music-related brands, including record labels and studios.

This integrated platform positions them as a comprehensive resource for artists and creators in the region.