Oakenfest, founded by Lebanese activist Elsa Saade, is an independent music and camping festival that combines artistic expression and cultural discovery with a deep respect for the environment, and a focus on supporting local tourism. After a five-year hiatus from 2018 to 2023, Oakenfest has announced its second consecutive year back in Lebanon.

Held in a campsite surrounded by oak trees in Lehfed, North Lebanon, Oakenfest is both a camp site and a thriving festival, with camping facilities, a stage, a bar, a market showcasing local goods, a food court, restrooms with showers, and a community kitchen serving traditional food. Additionally, the festival provides various on-site activities, workshops, and booths showcasing art and culture, as well as yoga meditations and social gatherings by the beach.

While the lineup for the upcoming edition remains under wraps, Oakenfest is known for its inclusive approach. They curate a diverse mix of established musicians and rising talents, ensuring all performers share the spotlight and the stage. Last year's festival, for example, featured an eclectic selection of artists, including Maryam Saleh, Melissa Kassab, Kinematik, Maii, and Zaid Hamdan.