Continuing the rise of SWANA focused events across Europe and North America, the Laylit event brand presents a riveting lineup of musicians from the Southwest Asian and North African region and its diaspora to perform at Brooklyn’s Elsewhere venue.

Launched in 2018 the NYC and Montreal-based event brand, Laylit is a platform and collective that celebrates and spotlights music and artists from the Arab/SWANA region and its diaspora. Founded by Safe Shamoun, Nadim Maghzal and Manaseeh, the three DJs originally from Aleppo and Beirut started Laylit as a way to reconnect with their roots.

According to the event brand, “Laylit has established its place on the scene with a signature electronic sound blending Shaabi, Dabke, Mahraganat, Arabic pop and hip-hop with contemporary, boundary pushing dance music (techno, breakbeat, hyperpop), and more.

Laylit’s epic curation for its March 17th event at Elsewhere, features several artists from the Arab and SWANA region and its diaspora hailing from countries like Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, Lebanon, Syria and more. The lineup including 3phaz, Dynoman, Ramzi El Edlibi, 8ULENTINA, Nadia Ayad, Adrianna Danae, Carmen Sandeigo, ZONE ONE,  Anya Kneez, LOFT, Dynoman, Zara Behko, Yeldā, and Laylit co-founders, MNSA (Wake Island).

Part of the profits from ticket sales of our March parties and all profits from their merchandise sales will be donated to The White Helmets, Ahbap, Heyva Sor and Seen for earthquake relief in Syria and Turkey. For tickets visit Laylit’s website here.