Nightlife in Dubai is infested with materialistic outlooks. While that may appease to the masses, frequent party goers that understand the roots and importance of party culture wouldn’t typically enjoy these “fancy” clubs. Luckily for the fans of the underground, Dubai’s favorite underground clubbing experience Analog Room is finally back on the 1st of July, after the turmoil COVID-19 caused, which led the club to shut down in March 2020.

Founded by Mehdi Ansari, Siamak Amidi, and Salar Ansari, Analog Room was the place to be if you’re more music-oriented and cherish that comfortable club vibe. The club returns to their favorite venue, The Q Underground; an underground basement at the Holiday Inn Al Barsha in Dubai.

The much anticipated night will see veteran DJ/producer Moss join from Tehran alongside debuting act Mahyar Parsa with co-founder Mehdi Ansari aka Shemroon. Free tickets will be available before midnight, and will cost 100 Emirati Dirham after midnight. For more information, visit .