Blending acid techno sounds with finger cymbals and whining mahraganat leads isn’t often the first thing that would come to your everyday producer’s mind when in the studio. However, Egyptian wonder boy Hadayek 303 (probably named after Hadayek El Maadi metro station and the roland TB-303 synthesizer) has managed to marry potentially combative partners, blending the two genres smoothly to create what we might dub as "acid mahraganat". This freaky new amalgam is showcased on "Khabtah," the b-side of his latest EP Modmen El Wasakha.

Although some people may label it as "bee2a" because of their Western fetishization complex, but this track is definitely fresh sounding, and capable of tearing warehouse roofs along with shaabi wedding tents. Blast this through a good sound-system and get your acid mahraganat on.

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