Last month, Lebanon-based media entertainment company, Balkoon, announced a new video series combining the beauty of Cercle’s geographically astonishing sets and the stripped down performances of MTV’s Unplugged with 'Cube Sessions'. 

"Our region is rich and diverse; yet our youth is struggling with identity, constantly searching" Co-founder and producer of Balkoon, Dany Chamous said. “This mix of cultures and identities have often been used to create borders across the region whereas music and art have defied this, they are expressed freely and allow us to connect and relate with each other. Cube Sessions was conceptualized as a way to think about identity, culture and progress in the Arab world. The cube travels through different surroundings, highlighting exclusive performances from alternative artists in the region"

Following the launch episode, which featured an acoustic performance from El Morabba3's Muhammad Abdullah in a mountain setting, the latest episode features Syrian-born, Paris-based singer and Arabic Jazz fusion artist, Lynn Abid, performing a stunning a capella medley improvised over her track 'Room 310' from her debut album Youmna (2018) in a haunting, derelict building. Check out the video in full below:- 

Abid is currently working with famed Lebanese producer Zeid Hamdan on their new project Bedouin Burger whose second single is set to be released this month.

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