If you kept up with the independent music scene in Lebanon between 2007 and 2013, then you might’ve heard or come across Slutterhouse; a Paris-based Lebanese electro-pop duo made up of singer-songwriter, Rabih Mick Salloum, and Nabil Saliba. In 2009, Slutterhouse released their debut album Made In Dance to wide acclaim from critics and fans alike, before the duo followed it up with a remix EP of their song ‘Inside The Station’ and a final album in 2011, Another Lie.

After the decision to officially disband in 2013, both members headed out to pursue other projects; Rabih currently works in music and fashion, while also running a bar and restaurant, and teaching philosophy at the AUB. This week, however, Salloum resurfaced on his Facebook page with a post announcing the release of a new two-track EP, Before The Rain - his first music release in seven years, produced and mixed with the help of Samer Etienne, better known as ETYEN.

The release starts out with ‘West End Girl’; an electro-pop ballad with dreamy lyrics, produced in the style of what one might refer to as ‘epic electronica’, comparable to the sounds of French band M83. The second song, ‘Summertime’, carries much in the same suit as the opening track, but with more emphasis on piano and percussion, as well as more pronounced breakdowns and build-ups. It marks a welcome return for Salloum and it'll be interesting to see what's next for the Lebanese musician.

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