Slowly Decaying was Cairene SLOVVDK imprint founder and Mineral Kult DJ Ragy Ahmed aka Blufrank's final release for 2019. Although bleakly titled, the four-track EP, sonically, isn't so much depressing as it is nostalgic. In the vein of early-2000's synthwave (particularly track three, "Smell that Thunder 1"), Slowly Decaying is retrofuturistic, as well as an experiment in amalgamating synthwave and Middle Eastern influences.Indeed, this release comprises the elements fundamental to late-'90s/early-2000s electronica -- from the mournfully-low to helium-level-high vocal oscillations in inaugurating track "A Sly Stone", to the cosmic-pop present in "Commet Phunk", through to the playful tempo distortions characterising the final, provocative track "Something Might Pop." Symbolic of his dexterity, Blufrank merges the highly-complementing tabla to the blueprint, rendering the EP's sound positively uncommon. Safe to say, Slowly Decaying has evoked a hunger for Blufrank's anticipated, 2020 artful medleys. 

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