In continuum of our effort to cover the hottest trends in the Egyptian music scene, we present to you ‘Zamba’, a collaboration between two musical heavyweights who have carved their way through the underground, straight to the hearts of the masses. Sharmoofers first got noticed for their sound that was new to the Egyptian music scene and their humourous lyrics, that sometimes reflected the day to day life of a Sharmoofer — Akher khamsa santi f bantaloni mablouleen.”

Now that they made it to the top, the band’s started showing interest in electronic sounds, and introduce more of it in their music. This is the reason why Sary Hany was the right person to collaborate with in ‘Zamba.’ For those of you who don’t know him, Sary is the kind of man hiding behind the curtains, but flooding the media sector with his music. Founder of Key 66 Productions, his riffs, rhythms and sounds can be heard in most of the country’s top TV ads and some movies. He started making a few appearances since last year with musicians he works with such as Zap Tharwat, and now, Sharmoofers.

‘Zamba’ is an electronic based track that comes with a music video starring the band members and Sary. As always, their sense of humour is apparent and can be sensed in the video. It starts out with the band infiltrating an office to sabotage it and turn it into Zamba land, where the employees change their clothes and start dancing all over the place to the bouncy commercial african inspires beats. Watch below.

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