Showing once again that he is one of the best lyricists on the Palestinian hip-hop scene, Haykal has teamed up with compatriot, Rani Salameh, for new track, ‘Tisal’.

The second single to be released this year following ‘Skamleh’, this new track moves away from the harder, harsher trap-inspired sounds of recent EPs such as 2020’s Hobbi Mish Kaafi and 2019's Kasser El Ard. Produced by Big Murk, ‘Tisal’ is a hip-hop track through-and-through, with a laidback, mid-tempo beat, as well a bluesy r&b/soul sample that is used repetitiously a la producers such as Just Blaze in the early 2000s and even Kanye West before he started spending more and more time in front of the mic. The production is overall quite simple, which is in the benefit of Haykal and Salameh. As usual, Haykal’s enigmatic, storytelling style is in full force as he touches on life in his native Palestine, but it’s his – and Rani Salameh’s – delivery that snaps and pops throughout. Haykal in particular not only demonstrates impeccable flow, but a flow whose patterns fluctuate seamlessly in pace and delivery.

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