As one of the most prolific artists in Palestine's hip-hop underground, Haykal has been releasing what seems to be an endless flow of new tracks and EPs since the beginning of this year.

This latest track arrives as a collaboration between Haykal and producer France-based Syrian producer, Jundi Majhul, who lays down an icy beat featuring a classic drum break layered under swirling, distorted guitars, pulsating bass and the occasional bright melodic motif.

As the track reaches its closing half minute, euphoric choral vocals and a bright violin section come into the mix, though only for a brief moment, as the track ends right as soon as it seems to reach it's emotional climax.

While the track’s short length (less than 2.30 minutes) may leave some listeners craving more, it certainly makes it tempting to hit the replay button and be sucked back into Haykal's dark world.

Mixed and mastered by Syrian rapper/producer, Bu Kolthoum, and with artwork by Sami Zaarour that perfectly encapsulates the nocturnal vibes presented by Haykal and Jundi Majhul, 'Abrod' is a perfect accompaniment to a moody late night walk through empty streets.

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