Founded by Sanna Almajedi (a.k.a DJ Sanna) and Bergsonist, 3afak is a NYC-based music collective and event series focused on championing the sound of New York’s international underground scene. Founded a little over a year and a half ago, 3afak has bounced between their main home at New York venue Mood Ring and appearances at Bossa Nova Civic Club and Le Bain, with Love To NYC arriving as the collective’s first compilation album. 

Bringing together a cadre of artists who’ve all been involved with or performed for 3afak since the collective’s foundation, Love To NYC is a celebration of sonic diversity, and a homage to the friends, collaborators, and tightly knit musical community that made the endeavor possible. 

At 15 tracks long, Love To NYC covers a lot of musical ground, hopping between genres from the far end of the experimental scene and all the way to some of the most cutting edge thinkers, featuring (in no particular order) Bookworms, Sadaf, Muqata'a, King Vision Ultra, Kush Jones, James Bangura, Maral, DJ Plead, Loris, DJ Lycox, Devoye, Morenxxx, Color Plus & Boston Chery.

Notable highlights of Love To NYC include the blown out, bass-driven deconstructed hiphop of Muqata’a’s ‘Mawazin Al-Quwa’, DJ Plead’s signature high-energy percussion stylings on ‘Drive By’, Sadaf’s distorted opening lamentation ‘Give My Love To New York’, and even a noteworthy appearance by paris-based DJ Lycox (of TMP and Principé) who brings his signature rhythms to the project on massive kuduro banger ’The Professor’.

Stream the entire project below, and consider buying the album as 50% of the proceeds are set to be donated to charity.

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