The world's favorite Arabic alternative band, Mashrou' Leila, of Beirut, Lebanon, are out with their first new single in years. A few days ago, they released "Cavalry", a single from their upcoming album, The Beirut School. They say this album will celebrate 10 years of the band being together, and kick off a European tour starting in March - the biggest European tour of theirs thus far. 

The Beirut School will be their first new album following Ibn El Leil (2015), unless you count the Ibn El Leil (Deluxe Edition) that they released in 2017. 
"Cavalry" is a political track about resistance in the face of unlikely odds, and continuing to speak truth in environments eroded by political oppression. The track is undeniably catchy, an electro dance floor powerhouse with their characteristic violin sweeps and Hammed Sino's staple voice. It is a promising teaser for their upcoming album, which surely has Mashrou' Leila fans riled up. 

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