Immediately reaching the #1 spot on Youtube's trending chart in Egypt following its release yesterday, Alexandria-based rapper Marwan Pablo's latest singe 'Free' is a trap anthem calling for the liberation of the mind. Overtop frequent collaborator and producer Molotof's hard hitting, trip-inducing beat, Pablo repeatedly belts out the song's main hook "If you lose it, you'll be free" amidst his own colorful, boastful verses. Produced and directed by CATS films, the video was shot in Pablo's hometown of Alexandria and features a blend of wide, gloomy, atmospheric shots intermingled with erratic, high action scenes as the young rapper, alongside Molotof, roams his hometown. 'Free' presents itself as a slow burner in a way where Pablo leaves the best for last. "If Pablo dies tomorrow, you won't find a double." The Alexandria native raps in hyper speed in the song's final verse, reaffirming his skill, originality and his position as a trail blazer of Egyptian trap.
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