Inarguably, one of the best rap tracks to come out of Morocco in 2018 was ISSAM’s ‘Trap Beldi’. Released on November 19th, the song went viral not only because of how catchy it is both lyrically and musically, but in part due to its visually stunning video which currently holds over nine million views on Youtube. The Adam K produced beat perfectly complimented ISSAM’s witty, self-assertive lyrics and it all tied in with the videos vintage inspired theme, which didn’t stray far from home with the rapper and his clique sporting retro Moroccan, Tunisian and Algerian football jerseys, and loitering around town on Motobécanes in colorful tracksuits.

To his fans’ relief, the rapper returns with a much anticipated follow up track entitled ‘Makinch Zhar’, which manages to capitalize on the same formulae that made ‘Trap Beldi’ a smashing success. Makinsh zhar in Darja literally translates to ‘there’s no luck’. The song revolves around the struggles to achieve one’s own goal, particularly as creatives in both Morocco and around the world. The symbolic use of eyes in the video also reflects on Moroccan culture’s superstition of trying to achieve something while people watch closely. ISSAM and others in the video are stylized by fashion designer Artsi Ifrach of Maison ARTC. 

Other elements in the video like the three black-clad figures symbolize the obstacles he faces that act as simultaneous barrier and incentive for him to keep moving forward. ISSAM’s female companion in the video is also a metaphor for his own moral compass that’s ever present in the midst of everything.

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