In our '26 Record Labels Shaping Dance Music in the Middle East' list, we talked about obscure Iranian record label, 'Shahr Farang', which has been quietly releasing intriguing minimal and ambient music. The label is run by producer, Sohrab Karimi, who releases under the moniker Ahu.

The latest addition to their catalogue is By This River, a deep ambient EP by sound and collage artist, Lenta, that marks her second release on the label. The title track is a moody journey that relies on dusty atmospheric sounds along with fragile piano and guitar sounds topped by subtle drum works. A collaboration between Lenta and label boss Ahu, 'Yoga' steers towards leftfield in its use of  hypnotic vocals and percussion as well as found sounds that put you in a meditative state. 'Sanyasi' is similarly delicate, with glitchy percussion work, gentle reoccurring keys and guitars and deep kick drum. The second collaboration between Lenta and Ahu, 'Mir', shares the same vibe as 'Yoga' - abstract, mysterious and industrial.

Although Shahr Farang’s releases might be few and far between, By This River is further proof that the work coming out if the label is solid, well crafted and definitely worthy of attention.

The EP is to be released soon on 140 gram vinyl, distributed by Juno UK.

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